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Happy Month after Black History Month.*
What did you do?

I usually take a deeper dive into our history and culturally related media. After that dive, I've always spent the next month reflecting on what changed: What happened to us? Our community? Our work ethic and our

This March, we're reflecting on community values.

Our focus is answering questions about how to, once again,
create and see value in each other, our community, and in what we do professionally.

AAGD Wednesdays
AAGD Wednesday Live | Value Up!
Wednesday, March 2, 7PM Central
Streaming Broadcast with Dave, Terrence & Terri
Catch us live on FB or YouTube

Peer Mentorship Hour with Black Marketers Association
Wednesday, March 9th, 7 PM Central
AAGD Members | Airmeet

To build more value for our creative community we've been making connections with several other AA/Blk-centered design adjacent collectives. This month we'll sit with the crew of BMAA to talk about what is needed to be on their curated list. They receive several requests for designers. They need serious, design-dedicated folks to answer the call for work.

(This is how you change the value and reach of your network. Be there.)

Office Hours
Wednesday, March 16th, 6 PM Central
Free to AAGD Tribe | Membership site

If you want a portfolio or project review, direction, or you need someone to help you see the value in your work or the value you have as a creative Black individual, holla!

Black Made Awards Show!
Wednesday, March 23rd, 7 PMCentral
Our First Annual Award Show | Broadcast

AAGD's first annual Black Made Awards design show! BlackMade serves as a stage to showcase and spotlight Black designers, our work, and our voice as we strive toward reclaiming identity and expressing the vision of our people across the spectrum of design. #fortheculture

Please visit BlackMadeAwards for more details.


Leading up to the BlackMade Awards Show, we thought it’d be fun to have a friendly competition. This competition will ask you to leverage your skills as a designer as well as your knowledge of Black flyers.

We’re asking y’all to submit your most fantastic, shiny, outrageous church/frat or soro/Night Club flyers.

Note: This competition is purely for our collective enjoyment. It’s meant to entertain. If you are intending to submit a design that you want taken seriously, this ain’t the competition for you.


The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Reflection & Expression

Is finally here!  The Black Experience in Design: Identity, Reflection, & Expression is an anthology of writings by 70 Black designers, artists, curators, educators, and students.

The AAGD's Article is in Chapter 9: Collective, Radical, and Liberatory Spaces in Design. The title: Forming a liberatory space for Black Creatives is a form of protest, the fulfillment of a promise and the only pathway for unapologetic black creativity.

See what we have to say about our space!

Be sure to grab your copy today! Available Target, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Bookshop, etc!

State of Black Design 2022 - Family Reunion
March 4th - 6th, 2022

Be sure to add to your calendars, because you don't want to miss out! The State of Black Design Family Reunion, is a 3-day hybrid conference hosted by Texas State University. This event aims to provide networking, development, and career opportunities for young designers, focusing on student designers of color.

The History of Black Women in Graphic Design
March 2nd | 6:30 PM - 8PM EST

Poster House is thrilled to welcome Dr. Cheryl D. Miller and Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton for an evening celebrating the contributions of Black women to the field of graphic design. Accomplished designers in their own right, Miller & Arceneaux-Sutton will join forces to uplift the legacy of Black women designers, paying special attention to those that have shaped poster history. They’ll shed new light on these deeply important graphic artists, highlighting their rightful place in design history while honoring the continued legacy of Black women in the field. This talk is for everyone from those new to design history to the seasoned professional—all attendees will learn something new, and questions are strongly encouraged!


May you step into and embrace your value!

Terrence Moline
Founder + Head Listener


*Happy Woman's History Month also.
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Chuck Scott
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